All About Innovation
Transitioning into blockchain based financial solutions

Established in 2009 and listed on the London AIM market (TECH), TechFinancials is a leading provider of technology-based trading solutions geared towards online brokers. With  years of industry-leading experience to our name, we recently made a significant investment in our technology, and transitioned into the Blockchain market to facilitate the trading of digital assets. We firmly believe that with our technological trading solutions, we are spearheading a huge worldwide transition that screams innovation.

Evolving our business

In 2016, we refocused our endeavors and entered the Blockchain market, with a keen eye on asset tokenization. Our powerful technological capabilities and infrastructure have positioned us as one of the pre-eminent developers of Blockchain-based projects on the market. Over the past year-and-a-half, we have stood at the forefront of Blockchain and fintech-oriented projects, including CEDEX, a groundbreaking Blockchain-based diamond exchange, and more projects on the horizon.

Our Team

The professionalism and commitment of each member of the TechFinancials team is the source of our success. Our team is comprised of highly experienced industry experts with a wealth of knowledge in the fields of online finance, financial technologies, R&D marketing and Blockchain technology. Fuelled by a fantastic team of thinkers, leaders and visionaries, we see long-term opportunities in our vision for asset tokenization on the Blockchain